AKA Decision

Following on from my left leg BKA in 2014, I was at the point where all I was doing was dragging my right leg behind me. My right leg hadn’t bent at the knee since 2003 due to an arthrodesis. This was making walking very difficult, causing excessive lower back pain, and also huge difficulties in daily life.

I had many appointments with various doctors and surgeons, including the limb centre doctor, the surgeon that put the arthrodesis in back in 2003, the surgeon that amputated my left leg and various others to discuss the possibility of removing the right leg.

The general perseption and advice was not to do it, how difficult life would be etc. However I did also get some opposite feedback where the surgeon who amputated my left leg said he understood my reasoning.

As you can see, I decided to go ahead with it. I have been able to do and achieve so much more since.