AKA Day 6 & 7

4th November 2015 – Day 6…..

Today should have been the day of my release, if it hadn’t been for the bleeding episodes. Oh well, at least I am in the best place to deal with these leakages. Better safe than sorry.

Woke up this morning with traces of blood seeping through the dressings again.

The dressing was changed and as before, the operation site looks good, just a couple of small ‘weak’ spots where the excessive hematoma fluid is escaping.

As normal the surgeon came round and had  look and has said that he doesn’t want to send me home until the operating site wound is dry. He has also ordered ‘bed rest’ to stop the wound being continually reopened through excessive movement. So at the moment, Friday discharge may not come.

The end of the limb is looking good even though very bruised. Big parts of the bruising are now turning yellow from purple.

5th November 2015 – Day 7…..

Not much else to add today, it’s just a waiting game.

Much less blood has escaped today, but the wound site is still not completely dry or healed.

I have not seen the surgeon yet today, but am expecting him to extend my release date by another day or so. Going home would be great, but another short extension wouldn’t be a bad thing, as I find it hard at home to just sit there, feet up (pun intended) and do nothing

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