BKA – Day 5 & 6

5th May 2014 – Day 5…..

Just seen the surgeon today, he is very happy with how the stump looks.

He has told me that there is an optimal range of lengths to leave the stump, he has left it at the longest, as if necessary he could always take more off, but cannot add more later.

The shape of the stump will go down over time to be more conical, this happens most in the first six months, but will continue to change for a couple of years. This will mean having to have new cups moulded and fitted to the prosthesis over time.

The large bandage has now been removed, and replaced with a folded over tubigrip.

The surgeon has also said, although I am not quite ready for discharge, that I can go out of the hospital on ‘day release’ for a few hours, to spend time with my family. My six year old son will like that.

Back from ‘day release’ feeling great, just having a few hours out of the hospital room is invaluable.

I believe my surgeon and the physiotherapist are going to work on my discharge plan tomorrow. Hopefully this means going home soon.

6th May 2014 – Day 6…..

No more IV drugs. The antibiotics and anti inflammatories are finished. I’m just on oral pain killers now, and not too many of them.

I have just spoken with my surgeon, he is extremely happy with progress so far and has said I can go home tomorrow.

He has also told me to really work at building up my core and upper body strength as this will help when I start having proper physiotherapy to learn how to walk again. His suggestion is to take up a wheelchair sport, use my hand cycle and resistance band training. These activities will also be great to keep my mind occupied as well.

With various medical conditions, I feel that a chunk of my thirties has been lost, now I am 40, my dodgy leg has gone, I can now have a fresh start and look forward to a happier forties.

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