AKA Surgery

29th October 2015

Post surgery in the resusitation room, I recall it to be just after 6:00pm Therefore I can assume the operation took about 4 hours.

If you have read any more of my website, you will kmow that I had a titanium rod in my right leg, fusing the knee straight, I believe a large portion of the surgery time was removing this.

I have also been made aware that the surgery was quite spectacular! (maybe an early fireworks display).

Initially the two surgeons decided to cut all around the femur bone and use the bottom half of my leg to pull the metal rod out. This method didn’t work.

It was then decided to use a diamond tipped cutting disk to get through the titanium rod.  This generated a lot of sparks!

Back in my hospital room, I was put on Oxygen to ensure my SPO2 settings remained good. Without this Oxygen, my stats were dropping.

After some more rest and sleeping, I woke up about 8:00pm and felt OK.

I managed to have some food and water and felt better.

By this stage, I had still not been able to go to the toilet, I drank loads of water but nothing happened. In the middle of the night, it was decided to do a bladder scan and found that the bladder fluid volume went off the top of the scale. There was more than a litre in there.

It was decided to insert a catheter which became very difficult due to the fullness of the bladder. Finally it went in and 1½ litres was drained.  I almost instantly felt even better.

My leg is bandaged up so I cant see the handy work yet. Hopefully see it tomorrow.

I was also put on a drip, to help replace the 800ml of blood lost during the operation.

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