First abseil, 400ft done with one leg. Between BKA and AKA (2015)

The first abseil was done for charity, for Canine Partners as a thank you for my wonderful recently partnered assistance dog ‘Abbey’.  I think there were 14 of us, and combined we raised over £4000 for the charity.

Official photos
Abseil number 1, one leg

Second Abseil, also 400ft (same tower) – but this time with no legs! (2018)

The second abseil, there were 7 of us that I managed to encourage (persuade) to do it. Combined, we raised approximately £1500, this was split between three charities, chosen by the victims.

  • British Heart Foundation
  • Sepsis Trust (read the rest of my site and you will understand why)
  • Talbot Butler Cancer ward of Northampton General Hospital.

I have been told by the organisers, I am the only bilateral amputee to have ever abseiled the lift tower, and with the quote from their website ‘The National Lift Tower based in Northampton is an iconic feat of architecture. At a staggering 418 feet, it is now the largest abseil tower in the world.’ How can I top that!

Abseil with no legs
Abseil number 2, no legs
Close Up
Abseil number 2 with no legs