First abseil, 400ft done with one leg. Between BKA and AKA (2015)

The first abseil was done for charity, for Canine Partners as a thank you for my wonderful recently partnered assistance dog ‘Abbey’.  I think there were 14 of us, and combined we raised over £4000 for the charity.

Official photos
Abseil number 1, one leg

Second Abseil, also 400ft (same tower) – but this time with no legs! (2018)

The second abseil, there were 7 of us that I managed to encourage (persuade) to do it. Combined, we raised approximately £1500, this was split between three charities, chosen by the victims.

  • British Heart Foundation
  • Sepsis Trust (read the rest of my site and you will understand why)
  • Talbot Butler Cancer ward of Northampton General Hospital.
Abseil with no legs
Abseil number 2, no legs
Close Up
Abseil number 2 with no legs