Pre Surgery

From the X-rays, a loose body could be seen in my ankle, and under anaesthetic, the surgeon removed a bone fragment about 1/2″ x 3/4″, and also debrided the ankle joint. Arthritis could be seen in the joint.

Some time passed and the ankle was not getting any better, it was suggested an infusion of Pamidronate be performed. I agreed, but was told of side effects which included severe dental problems, I spoke with my dentist who confirmed I was not at high risk.

At this stage, my yearly private health cover was running low, so I went on the NHS to get the Pamidronate infusion.

My Vitamin D was tested and found to be rock bottom, this had to be increased before Pamidronate was given, otherwise it wouldn’t benefit me. So a course of Vitamin D tablets was issued.

Sometime during this period I had an X-ray at the NHS, they told me my ankle was ‘normal’. I found this hard to believe and as my private medical insurance had just renewed, I went back to my specialist privately who had an X-ray taken, this was a week after the NHS X-ray, and his comments were ‘there is no way that can be classed as normal’.