BKA – Day 3 & 4

3rd May 2014 – Day 3…..

The wound was redressed again today as it had come loose as I put my clothes on. Still looks really good.

Observations for today, don’t try and use it as a counter balance like I did twice, the weight is not there. Luckily managed to save myself both times, so no damage.

I almost fell out of my wheelchair today, I was reaching for something I had dropped, and went to put my foot down to steady myself. Again another lesson learned.

I can honestly say, there have been no regrets to having this surgery done.

I burst out in tears earlier today, don’t really know why. Thankfully I was on my own at the time. I did mention it to one of the nurses later in the day and they said it is quite common on day 2 or 3 following surgery. They see it regularly and classed it as normal. Even encouraged me to do it again if I felt like I needed to.

4th May 2014 – Day 4…..

More of the same today, continuing to do the physiotherapy exercises, I can already feel the movement in my knee joint is becoming easier and smoother than before, although still a way to go.

Continuing to reduce tablets, on OxyContin twice a day, 300mg Gabapentin once per day, paracetamol and Oxynorm as required which thankfully is not to often. I believe the daily injection of the anti-inflammatory is being stopped today as well.

I’m still doing Clexane injections once per day to help prevent DVT, this is no big deal, I have done these for 6 weeks in the past after an operation.

I’m still taking painkillers at the first sign of any pain, I’d rather keep on top of it and not let it get too bad.

With the nurses help, I was able to take a shower today. Kept the wound dry with a plastic bag. I feel the best I have felt for a long time.

Wound was redressed today as it had slipped again, I understand the pressure of the dressing is quite important to ensure the stump is shaped evenly, therefore it is being redressed and retensioned regularly.

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