AKA Day 1

30th October 2015 – Day 1

I woke up this morning after having a very interrupted night. Although not in much pain due to keeping on top of it wth the Morphine PCA, I kept waking up, sometimes to take the prescribed drugs, other times because I wasn’t that tired. I had slept a lot the day before.

I was very disorientated, but once I realised I was in hospital I had to check if the surgery had actually been done or not as my leg didn’t feel any different to what it had done before amputation.

Seen my surgeon this morning, he was very happy with how things went during surgery, and has said that I would be in hospital for a mimum of 5 days and then they would review.

Today the surgeon wants me to stay in bed to give what is left of my leg a chance.

Had a lovely full English breakfast this morning. I may stay here longer, the bed is comfy, and the food is good! :-)

As with my BKA 18 months ago, I’m having difficulty in moving my residual limb smoothly, movement is at best very jerky. It has been a lot easier to accept and understand what is going on this time as I have been in this position before.

The Morphine PCA was stopped today, and I have been taking a mixture of oral painkillers, IV Paracetamol and IV Antibiotics. Overall not feeling too bad.

I saw my residual limb today for the first time, both the limb and the operation scar look quite neat.

This afternoon, my residual leg has started to become extremely painful near the operation site. Not sure why.

I have been taking loads of painkillers of various sorts, but it isn’t feeing any better. It is very tender to the touch. I hope all is OK. I mentioned it to the nurse who has said that this is nerve pain and has given me Gabapentin again to help with the nerve pain. I hope it is less painful in the morning.

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