AKA Day 5

3rd November 2015 – Day 5

My surgeon came in today and looked at the wound, he was still very  happy with the way it looked and has said that I should be able to go home on Wednesday, however this was on the understanding that the wheelchair had been modified before I leave.

Chased the wheelchair service again today, eventually managed to speak to the correct person. I explained that my discharge was reliant on the wheelchair being adjusted. An appointment was made for an engineer to come to the hospital to make the adjustments.

Later in the day, my stump started hurting a lot, and a lot of blood once again had leaked out. The stump was again redressed, and next time my surgeon came around to check, he revised my estimated discharge day to Friday.

I am still taking a large mixture of pain killers (Paracetamol, Gabapentin, OxyNorm, Naproxin, OraMorph) and I have also been started on a course of Augmentin as well as a precautionary measure.

The IV line into my arm has now been removed and all drugs are now taken orally.

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