AKA Day 4

2nd November 2015 – Day 4

Chased the wheelchair service again today, unfortunately the person  needed to speak to was off.

My surgeon came in today and looked at the wound, he was very  happy with the way it looked and has said that I should be able to go home soon, however this was on the understanding that the wheelchair had been modified before I leave.

With help from the Physio, I got out of bed today and did a small walk on crutches. It felt great to be up and about eventhough it was extremely hard work. Probably did about 8-10 steps, turned around and then the same back to the bed. I was knackered.

Still that was a small bit of progress..

I am more than happy that the correct decision was made to have this leg removed. Everything has to be relearned but eventually all will be conquered.

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