BKA – Day 2

2nd May 2014 – Day 2…..

Had a couple of sleeping tablets last night, to help with a good nights sleep, not because of pain, just because I was tired and out of sleeping pattern.

I woke up after a great nights sleep, and it felt like I had my leg down a hole in the mattress, this was because of where I could feel my leg touching the bed, of course it wasn’t a hole, just another one of those misinterpreted feelings. I tried to simulate it by hand by touching my leg but I couldn’t. I’m guessing my visual observation played preference over my interpreted feelings.

The wound was redressed today because the bandage had slipped. I took the opportunity to have a look, and it looked surprisingly good.

Still taking IV Paracetamol but now on Oxycontin and Oxynorm tablets instead on the morphine PCA.

Overall I’m feeling really well, and so many people have commented on how well I look compared to before.

I was able to weigh myself again today, approximately 90kg. So I only lost 3kg by having a BKA. Not such a good weight loss program after all.

Had some more physiotherapy today, it feels really odd as I am fighting against my muscles to do simple tasks. It was explained to me that my brain is telling my muscle what to do, but is not getting the expected responses back from the muscle because of the lack of mass now not attached to the muscles. It is something that will be reprogrammed in my brain, but will have to be done again once the prosthesis is fitted.

Movement of my knee is very jumpy, best described as a stop start action even though I am trying to move it smoothly.

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