AKA Day 11

9th November 2015 – Day 11…..

Running out of things to say, each day is just the same as the last.

Had an ultrasound on my leg today and a splodge of blood and a blood clot was seen. The ultrasound doctor has written a report to my surgeon suggesting that I go back to theatre to have these removed and drained instead of having a drain attached to my leg. This was late on in the day, I have not seen my surgeon yet.

I am at the stage where they can do what they like to speed this up as long as the risk is minimal. I cant afford to loose any more of my limbs.

10th November 2015 – Day 12…..

To follow…….


Day 13 onwards…..

Looking back on my blog (2018) not sure why I stopped updating at this point, I’m guessing I may have been let home, and had more things to occupy my time.

However I’m happy to say that I got my prosthetic leg, and am much better off now with two prosthetics, rather than two real ones.

A lot has happened since this time, a lot good, a lot bad, but life goes on.

i hope you have benefitted from reading my blog / life story, I do keep adding more regarding my life experiences since my amputations and what CAN be achieved, not what CANNOT be done.