AKA Day 8/9/10

6th November 2015 – Day 8…..

Well just as I guessed, I saw the surgeon and the wound is still bleeding. A big portion of the wound has healed up nicely, its just a little bit in the middle.

My surgeon wants me to stay in hospital over the weekend so I can continue to have it monitored, however he has allowed me to go out on ‘day release’ to spend some time with my family.

Just a waiting game now……

7th November 2015 – Day 9…..

It was great getting out and about with my family (and Abbey) for a few hours today, didn’t really do much, but got out of the hospital room, spent some time at home and went out for lunch.

Got back to the hospital in the evening and noticed that my leg had been bleeding a lot. It was redressed yet again.

8th November 2015 – Day 10…..

Similar to yesterday, spent some time with my family and went out for a nice lunch.

Back to the hospital in the evening and guess what….. My leg had been bleeding again.  It is probably not much blood, but it looks a lot.

The skin around my wound is beginning to complain now with the sticking and removing of tape and gauzes. Need to be careful here that it doesn’t get worse or infected.

Broke down in tears tonight, it is just getting so frustrating.

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