Mishap 2

14th May 2014 – Day 14

Oops again.

I fell while leaning out from my mobility scooter. I was over reaching to do something. Another lesson learned.

The stump started bleeding again, I sat with it elevated for a while, changed the dressing when it got too bad.

I managed to keep out of hospital this time, and self managed the bleeding. Having had a look at the wound, it didn’t look as bad as what happened in Mishap 1 and also the pain wasn’t too bad either.

I decided to monitor it overnight and go to the hospital in the morning if it didn’t look good.

15th May 2014 – Day 15

Checked the wound again this morning and thankfully all looked ok. Decided I didn’t need to go back to the hospital.

I can’t afford to have the mishaps! Each time not only am I risking the stump, I am also delaying healing.