Mishap 1

9th May 2014 – Day 9

Wasn’t expecting to be updating this so soon.

Back in hospital again, I was transferring into my wheelchair and it moved. I’m guessing I knocked the brake off as I tried sitting. I have done that before. This time, I completely missed the chair landing full weight on the end of my stump. The pain from that impact was awful, I just lay on the kitchen floor and called my wife for help.

My wife phoned the hospital, and within minutes they phoned back, the consultant surgeon would meet me at the hospital to assess the damage.

My wife with help from a neighbour got me up off the kitchen floor back into my wheelchair. A small bag was placed over my stump held on with a rubber band to keep the car clean of blood and we went to hospital.

Upon initial assessment the surgeon was happy that I had not done too much damage, it could’ve been a lot worse. He called me the ‘luckiest, unluckiest guy he knows’ he did suggest I stay in hospital for a couple of days to let it rest and also so the hospital could administer IV painkillers.

10th May 2014 – Day 10

Even though I was given sleeping tablets last night, I only managed about two hours sleep. This morning I feel rough but relieved.

Thankfully, the pain has subsided a bit and oral Paracetamol is doing the job.

11th May 2014 – Day 11

Allowed to go home again, under strict instruction to be careful!

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