New Leg !!!!!

September 1st 2014 – 4 months post surgery

After having an appointment with the artificial limb centre, and an electronic 3d trace taken of my leg about 2 weeks prior, today is the day I should get my new leg!

I turned up at the Limb Centre, was shown my leg and tested fitting it, but as I had not bought any shoes with me, I couldn’t have the leg! :-(

I said to the prosthetist, I can be back in 15 minutes with shoes, can you fit me in? Thankfully he said yes.

I got on my mobility scooter, went from the hospital to town, found a sports shop and said, I need a pair of black Nike trainers size 11 (Nike generally fit me better), and explained why I needed them in a rush. They brought over a pair and I paid without trying them on and left.

Back to the hospital in less than 15 minutes! – Hey you ladies, that’s how you go shopping! :-)

I went through the fitting process with the new leg, and within 15 minutes of walking on it between parallel bars I decided to let go of the bars.  I felt that confident on my new leg.

All went really well. I left the limb centre on my mobility scooter, proudly carrying a new leg. I was told not to rush and wear it too much.

I went back into town, found the same sales assistant in the sports shop and showed her my leg!  I was that excited and grinning like a Cheshire cat! She really appreciated me coming back and was generally really interested.

Over the next few days, I wore my leg more and more and after about a week, I could wear it almost permanently with minimal discomfort.