Basketball Journey

Due to medical conditions, I was never able to be sportive from childhood.

I was stopped in the street by Stuart asking me if I wanted to go to Wheelchair Basketball, at the time I had a left leg amputation, and my right leg was fused straight at the knee, so therefore sticking out straight. In my opinion there was no way I could play Wheelchair Basketball. So I thought…..

A while later, in 2015 I had my second leg amputated, and a couple of months later, my wife told me she had heard about a wheelchair basketball team at the local university.

I went along and within minutes, I was hooked. Finally I was as competitive as everyone else, playing on an equal platform. I was not the best player  (probably never will be) and it doesn’t matter. But I enjoyed playing every minute of it and for the first time felt so competitive.

In 2017, I first became a level 1 assistant Wheelchair Basketball Coach, then with further training (as it happens, from a Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball player and coach), I trained and qualified to be a level 2 coach. I can now legitimately provide coaching to the rest of the team. This has been a phenomenal achievement for me, with which I am very proud.

Along with the other coaches at Northants Phoenix, we can provide an exciting experience for both ‘Able Bodied’ people and others that are less able, regardless of age.

January 2019
I have now become a Level 1 basketball referee. This was done for the “running game”, but is transferable to the “wheelchair game”.

Although I am not planning on becoming a regular referee, it has provided me a fantastic knowledge boost into the rules and regulations of the game, and also a big insight into understanding the signs and signals a referee gives.

It has given me a bigger, better and more rounded knowledge of the game and rules.

Visit the club that I coach and play at Northants Phoenix Wheelchair Basketball Club