Abbey is my Canine Partner Assistance Dog

She was born in September 2013, and after her extensive training, I was lucky enough to be partnered with her in April 2015.

She has made such a significant difference to my life, I work from home and due to having no real legs just prosthetics, I am at significant risk of trips and falls.

In the event that I do fall, I can ask Abbey to get the phone for me so I can get help. She will also pick up items that I drop, and is also a fantastic companion.

I was partnered with her when she was 18 months old, I have been lucky enough to watch her grow up since having her.

Although an Assistance Dog, not a pet, she does have a very special place in the hearts of my family, my son in particular loves playing with her.

She knows when she is ‘on duty’ or ‘off duty’, generally by when she is wearing her purple jacket.

At home, she gets very excited when we have visitors, but calms down after a couple of minutes. She loves attention! She barks whenever the doorbell rings or the postman comes. I think that she thinks she has scared them away.

When out and about using my mobility scooter or wheelchair, she is fantastic and will quite happily walk off lead. But….. if she notices a squirrel, then she wants to play. If you have seen the film ‘UP!’ Then you will know what I mean. I’m sure it was written about her.

I think if I put her on a Greyhound track, but instead of a ‘hare’ there was a ‘squirrel’, she would win hands down every time.


It is with extreme sadness that Abbey passed away on 18th February 2024 after a short battle with cancer.

Abbey will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten.